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The Minister of the Public Service and Administrative Reform hereby invites successful candidates of the direct competitive examinations of 24 and 25 November 2018 for the recruitment of Medical Specialists, General Practitioners, Dental Surgeons, Pharmacists, Principal Nurses, Senior Nurses Specialist/IDE, Senior Nurses, Nurses, Medical Technologists, Assistant Medical Technologists, Technical Officers (Medical Technology), Biomedical Engineers, Assistant Biomedical Engineers, Biomedical Technicians, Senior Sanitary Technicians and Sanitary Technicians civil servants for the 2018 session, to report at his Ministry (Department of State Human Resource Development), Room 409, on Friday 26 April 2019 as from 9 a.m. to assume duty.
In this respect, they should carry along their national identity cards, a photocopy of the initially required certificate and their file for insertion into the State' s Payroll constituted as follows:
- a medical report;
- two information sheets ;
- a copy of marriage certificate (where applicable).

The Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform hereby informs the general public that a training
competitive examination for recruitment of 20(twenty) students in the first year of Professional Master Programme 

a competition foin Demography into the Institute of Demographic Training and Research(IFORD) Yaounde has been
announced for the 2019-2020 academic year according to the following schedule

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